eVisa to Saudi Arabia: Requirements

Obtaining an eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very easy since it can be processed online and your application will be approved quickly provided that you have all the necessary documents and meet the necessary requirements.

Of recent, the ministry of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia introduced this e-visa for tourists and at the moment, it is only citizens of more than 50 countries that are eligible to apply for this visa, though more countries will be added in future. An application process that is very fast and 100% online, this e-visa enables applicants to stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days, and it is very simple to apply.

eVisa to Saudi Arabia: Requirements
eVisa to Saudi Arabia: Requirements

Requirements to obtain an eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA )

In order to be granted an eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), there are certain requirements you must meet and documents you must possess.

Before you fill the online form, know that it is mandatory to provide your personal information as you apply for the visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With that said, ensure that everything you provided tallies with the information on your passport. As you fill this form online, don’t make mistakes when it gets to filling in your bio data like your complete name, your address, date of birth, your reason for visiting Saudi Arabia and also your passport details.

In addition to your personal details, there are a couple of security-related questions you must answer before your online application will be approved. Nevertheless, these questions are very simple so you don’t have to sweat it out.

Don’t forget that using your correct details is very necessary because once you apply for the visa online, the information you provided on the application form will be screened using advanced techniques and several databases. If every detail you provide matches with what is on your passport, then you will receive a confirmation mail and your eVisa will be ready shortly.

Do you have a valid passport from your country? If yes, then you can apply online for the visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Kindly note that not all countries are allowed to apply for this electronic visa at the moment, so check if your country is eligible. There are over 50 countries that can apply for this electronic visa, and your country must be among the list of eligible countries before you can successfully complete this online form.

eVisa to Saudi Arabia
eVisa to Saudi Arabia

Steps to obtain an eVisa to Saudi Arabia

Since you don’t have to join long queue at the embassy and everything is done online, you are a few steps away from obtaining an eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It doesn’t take long, as the form is very easy to fill and in a couple of minutes you must have successfully completed it. To speed up the approval process and to make sure that your application isn’t rejected, ensure that you fill in the form correctly, answering all sections carefully and accurately.

The first thing to do is to fill the application form online which is very easy and not a complex form.

After filling the form, the next thing to do is to pay the e-visa fee and this can be easily done using a valid credit card or debit card.

If you fill the application form correctly by providing all the necessary details and if your payment is successfully made, you will receive an email containing your eVisa to Saudi Arabia. However, you must be eligible and meet all the requirements for obtaining an eVisa to Saudi Arabia or else your application may be rejected.

Duration of Saudi Arabia eVisa

This eVisa to Saudi Arabia is only available to citizens from eligible countries who are visiting Saudi Arabia for tourist purposes.

The e-visa for Saudi Arabia has a duration of 90 days, and this starts counting right from the day you are issued the visa. This e-visa is part of government reforms to make the country open up to tourism and also make obtaining a visa very fast and easy without having to join long queues.

Before this eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was launched, those that planed visiting the country would have to locate an embassy or consulate to request for a visa, and this process was hectic and time consuming.

Visa KSA
Visa KSA